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Effective and efficient deployment and operation of flexibly automated production systems is of ever increasing importance in today’s competitive manufacturing. The level of automation required is normally dictated by the customer’s manufacturing philosophy and/or the product itself. Spen-Tech Machine Engineering has extensive experience with designing and building all types of lean manufacturing work cells, whether they be assembly, welding, staking, forming, bending, punching or test operations. Our personnel understand the principals of lean or flexible manufacturing, eliminating waste in your manufacturing operations and implementing the proper equipment to efficiently meet your goals. Spen-Tech Machine Engineering Corporation has the depth of resources that enables us to handle large, complex automation projects from concept through startup.

Spen-Tech can design and manufacture an array of turnkey automated assembly and test systems, serving customers from a wide variety of industries. Spen-Tech Machine Engineering specializes in configuring systems with flexibility in mind so the assembly line can be expanded as production requirements increase or as product design dictates, thus minimizing the investment risk through the product life. Whether your application requires a flexible platform, or a high-speed indexer, or a well-controlled pressing or welding process, or the use of state-of-the-art technologies such as vision-guided robots or integrated testers, Spen-Tech Machine Engineering can assist from product development to final production. Spen-Tech will help you determine the best combination of manual, semi-auto, and automatic operations for the optimum manufacturing solution.

Ergonomics is most important at the level of workcell design and workstation design. By their very nature, well-designed cells relieve many of the risk factors associated with traditional workstations and functional layouts. For example, Ergonomic workcells often rotate workers through an entire process on each cycle. This reduces repetition and static postures. Properly designed workstations also help reduce musculoskeletal disorders. As soon as you contact us, we’ll assemble a team that can quickly and effectively find ways to optimize the quality and productivity of your manufacturing process. Along the way, our experts will show you how to minimize risks and hazards while maximizing profitability. From assembly and cost reduction to planning and audits, we’ll help you find ways to improve your operation. In the end, it means the only expensive choice is not calling us.

Spen-Tech Machine Engineering provides fully operational robotic dispensing systems in two engineering formats: Manual load and unload robotic dispensing fixtures. We design a manually operated robotic dispensing station with fixture, tooling, a 6-axis or XYZ robot and our meter-dispense system applying an adhesive, sealant or lubricant on your part. Fully integrated robotic dispensing systems. In this format we receive the customers robots and integrate our meter-dispense system for automation line builders and provide: Standard and custom tooling design and manufacturing. Complete bead-path programming of all customer parts. Wet out systems for production performance analysis. Run-off of all customer parts prior to shipment. Production start-up, sign-off and technical training. Whatever your dispensing needs are, Spen-Tech Machine Engineering can configure the best solution for your application!

Implementation of optimal manufacturing process plans is crucial in dynamic manufacturing environments since it ensures that optimal operating levels are attained. At Spen-Tech, we strive to help our customers through production planning, which is at the core of all manufacturing processes. The purpose of production planning is to make an efficient use of the available resources during the manufacturing process, minimize costs and time to market, and increase the efficiency of the workplace. The manufacturing services that we offer cover every aspect of the manufacturing or production process, from the conceptual design stage to the final manufacturing and testing stage. As soon as you contact us, we’ll assemble a team that can quickly and effectively find ways to optimize the quality and productivity of your manufacturing process. "Our techniques can help you become a leaner and more efficient business."

Innovative solutions are required to meet an endless variety of unique needs. That's what Spen-Tech Machine Engineering is about, our 20 plus years of experience in automated material handling for a variety of industries gives us the knowledge, products and capability to tailor a solution to meet your unique material handling challenge. Spen-Tech assists customers with each step of factory and material handling, assembly line and cleanroom automation from planning to proposal, design, manufacturing, installation, after-sales service and facility retrofits. We help reduce errors, streamline processes, decrease cycle time, recapture floor space, and improve productivity. Our strength is our ability to provide customers with a complete and unique solution. We listen, then use our blend of engineering and material handling products to develop a solution that allows your company to meet your business needs now and in the future.

Our highly trained and experienced engineers and technicians listen to the customer’s needs and develop a system that meets those needs. From inception to implementation, we will help define the proper robot, adequate capacity, end of arm tooling, and necessary ancillary equipment for your application. From a simple process to a complex "turn-key" installed robotic system, Spen-Tech can design, build and install a robotic solution that will make you more productive and profitable. Our proven solutions and experience enable our customers to optimize manufacturing processes, lower costs, improve quality, minimize waste, and provide a safer work environment. Our creative designers, savvy programmers and skilled engineers form a team that thinks outside the box to provide automated robotic solutions that solve each customer’s needs.

Developing solid relationships with our customers is as important to Spen-Tech as building quality equipment. By working together with our customers, we are able to develop a firm foundation that is based on clear communication and mutual respect. We understand the competitive advantage that can be achieved with custom automated equipment. Simply stated, Spen-Tech conducts all facets of business according to the highest ethical standards and with the utmost integrity. Our mission is to be your first choice supplier of custom special tooling and machine production systems that conforms to your requirements and exceeds expectation in a timely and cost effective manner.
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