DVD-5 Single side         single layer
4.7 Gb          2 hours

DVD-9 Single side         dual layer
8.5 Gb          4 hours

Cum sociis natoque penatibus et Nulla duiusce feugiat ma tristique orci ac sem.

Height: 192.00mm,
Width: 136.46mm,
Depth: 15.00mm.

Mastering Source Media

Acceptable input is pre-mastered data on:

One 15 GB DLT tape cartridge (DVD 5)
Two 15 GB DLT tape cartridge (DVD 9)

Turnaround Time: 15 - 20 working days for DVD Replication. Film output and screens must be approved advanced.

Prices include: Film, Mastering & Repli- cation. Art Work must confirm to specifi- cation.