Our customer service department is ready and eager to respond to our customer's special needs on a prompt basis. Spen-Tech representatives can be at your facility in most cases within 24-48 hrs.

Global Support Strategy

Spen-Tech Support principles include:
-Comprehensive System Manuals and Documentation
-Maintenance and Equipment Operation Training
-Comprehensive Contact List
-Strategic Alliances and partnerships with our suppliers

Through the working relationship, your success and recognition in the industry is the measure of ours. We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss in greater detail how Spen-Tech might be of service to your organization.
Spen-Tech Machine Engineering Corporation
2851 James P. Cole Blvd.
Flint, MI 48505

+1 810.275.6800 Telephone:
+1 810.275.6840 FAX:
E-mail: support@spentechusa.com

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We are excited to announce that our team has moved to a new location in downtown Flint.